Category - Productive Resources and Employment

Maternity and paternity Leave Provision in SADC Member States

Positive progress has been made in this area as all to note that all SADC Member States have provisions for maternity leave ranging from 12 weeks to 4 months with pay. Paternity leave provision is generally a short period of leave for the father immediately following childbirth.

Women with Access to ICTs

Access to Information Communication Technology (ICT) is essential for men and women as an enabling factor to reach full potential through participation in development initiatives. ICT is a strategic resource for economic growth and social welfare.

Unemployment Rate by Sex

Women continue to earn less income and are more often affected by long-term unemployment than men. This is due to socio-economic disadvantages caused by gender-based discrimination and the multiple roles of women, being workers and caretakers for the society.

SADC Member State budgetary allocations 2016/17

Gender Responsive Budgeting (GRB) is one of the most effective tools to mainstream gender in policies and plans, to redress inequalities and to promote the economic, social and political rights of women and men.