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SADC celebrates Women’s Day

SANF 19 no 3 – by Nyarai Kampilipili Global efforts to promote and increase the use of science, innovation and technology in sustainable development should be inclusive to target both women and men.

Significant achievements in gender equality, but more needs to be done

SANF 19 no 7 – by Thenjiwe Sisimayi recently in Windhoek, Namibia The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for International Relations and Cooperation of Namibia, Hon. Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah, who chairs the regional Council of Ministers, told the recent Council meeting in Windhoek that significant progress has been made towards gender equality in the region, but more needs to be done.

Industrialising SADC urged to tap into its youth dividend

SANF 18 no 29 – by Joseph Ngwawi in Windhoek, Namibia Southern Africa should leverage the vast “knowledge dividend” that resides in its young people as the region moves towards building an economy anchored on industrial development.

Clarion call for action on gender equality, parity

SANF 18 No. 36 – by Nyarai Kampilipili in Windhoek, Namibia There is need for southern Africa to continue intensifying its efforts to promote gender equality and ensure that both women and men play an active role in advancing regional integration.

Revised SADC gender protocol enters into force

SANF 18 No. 43 – by Nyarai Kampilipili in Windhoek, Namibia A total of 12 countries in southern Africa have now signed the agreement amending a regional protocol that aims to advance gender equality and equity bringing the revised document into force.