Category - Strategic Documents

SADC Protocol on Energy (1996)

The SADC Protocol on Energy of 1996 intends to promote the harmonious development of national energy policies and matters of common interest for the balanced and equitable development of energy throughout the SADC Region. Download document

SADC Gender Policy

SADC Gender Policy provided a sound, authoritative, coherent and strategic mechanism for achieving the objectives of the gender commitments in the SADC Region. It identifies gender related problems in the region and indicates the strategic actions necessary to address them as gender inequities still persist in every sector. Download document

Revised Regional Indicative Strategic Development Plan 2015-2020

The Revised RISDP is a blueprint for regional integration and development, and the document realigns the region’s development agenda with new realities and emerging global dynamics, and takes into account the issues of industrialization. The Revised RISDP identifies four main priorities to be pursued by the region from 2015-2020. Download document

African Union Gender Policy

The main purpose of the Gender Policy is to establish a clear vision and make commitments to guide the process of gender mainstreaming and women empowerment to influence policies, procedures and practices which will accelerate the achievement of gender equality, gender justice, non discrimination and fundamental human rights in Africa. Download document

Revised SADC Protocol on Gender and Development

The Objectives of the Protocol ,among others, is to provide for the empowerment of women, eliminate discrimination and to achieve gender equality and equity through the development and implementation of gender responsive legislation, policies, programmes and projects. It is aligned to various international, continental and regional gender equality instruments such as Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2063. Download document

SADC Industrialization Strategy and Roadmap 2015 – 2063

The Strategy is anchored on three pillars namely; industrialization as champion of economic and technological transformation; competitiveness as an active process to move from comparative advantage to competitive advantage; and regional integration and geography as the context for industrial development and economic prosperity. Download document

MOU Southern African Power Pool Inter-Utility (1994)

Recognising the benefits of a regional power pool that would reduce investment and operating costs of electricity generation while maximising reliability, SADC passed the Southern African Power Pool (SAPP) Inter-Utility Memorandum of Understanding on 7th December 1994. This Memorandum of Understanding establishes an official cooperation among SADC Member States and the extra-SADC nation of Zaire for sharing the costs and benefits of energy generation. Download document